How to pick a perfect wedding dress for your body figure?

dreamed wedding dressThere are two most important things in a girl’s lifetime,the first one is finding the right man to marry with,and there is no doubt that finding the perfect wedding dress  you dreamed of since you were a little girl is the second most important thing for a girl.

But finding a perfect dress is not an easy job,because even if you are a catwalk model,there are still some styles that can not flatter your body figure,so it is very important that you should have some knowledge about your body figure.a reserch shows that many brides end up with a dress that is completely different to what they have dreamed for,so our suggestion is be open minded,and try something out of the box,dresses that don’t look good on a hanger may give you big surprise when you try on.

Below are some tips that angelhoobridal suggested for different type of body shape:

Small bust lady:for small bust lady,it is better to wear a dress with straps,because a strapless dress may make your bust looks more empty,and it is really embarrassing sometimes,but if you really want to wear strapless dress,make sure the dress is small cup and can fit your small bust tightly.

Busty lady:being a busty lady does no means you can not go for dress with straps,dress with straps can give better support for your big bust.if you want to show some cleavage and reveal your nice bust curve,please make sure the dress is well boned and has a corset to support your busts.

Now,let’s talk about the main dress styles:

a line wedding dress1.a line wedding dress:this is one of the most popular wedding dress styles,because it can fit most type of body shapes,most a line wedding dresses are made from light fabric like luxury chiffon,elegant lace etc,we suggest you can try this one on to see how it looks on you,no matter it is a style in your wishlist or not,but we don’t suggest ladies with short legs to try it on,because it may make your body looks more discordant.

mermaid wedding dress2.mermaid wedding dress:this type of dress is always tightly fitted to knee and then flare out dramatically and give an alluring look.this is a good choice for hourglass body shape,but this type usually have some limits in movement,you should be aware of this before you decided to take it,if you do want the fishtail looking,but would like more free in movement,we suggest you to try fit and flare style,it has the same fishtail effect,but is always fitted under hip which means will have less limits in your movement.

empire wedding dress3.empire wedding dress:empire style is similar to a line,but it is fitted under bust which gives more fairytail looking,this dress type is a good choice for lady that has short bottom half,it can conceal your discordant body shape and makes you look taller,it is also a good choice for pergnant bride-to-be,as it become loose under the bust,and will give more room for your is also a good choice for lady who want to hide this big stomatch.

sheath column wedding dress4.column wedding dress:this type of dress just followed the natural like of body,and don’t have fit and flare effect,it is also know as sheath style.this is a good choice for pettie lady,as the slim shape can add length,and makes you look taller.brides with small top and big bottom half,please don’t try this.

ball gown wedding dress5.ball gown wedding dress:this dress also has a fitted bodice and flared out under waist.if you looks a little stronger,you can try this one,the fullness pattern will make you look more curved,pettie lady please don’t try this,as you may get swallowed by the big volume of the skirt.

Above mentioned are just some small tips for you about how to choose a dress type for your body,if possiable,try to try as many types on as possiable,and then you will find the perfect one for yourselves,if you want some more professional suggestions,please feel free to contact us,angelhoobridal offers a wide range of high quality wedding dress at cheap price for you to choose from.

Please also follow our other articles to get more advises on choosing wedding dress for your special day.

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The Most Complete Notes of Beach Wedding Photo Taking

Most of young people like to take wedding photo by the seaside. The beach is a great place for photo taking. But you should be well-prepared before you go to the beach. This article will tell you what you need to prepare before a beach wedding photo taking.

  1. Wedding dresses for the beach:

Mostly, the bridegroom in the wedding pictures wears suits, while the bride in stunning wedding dress. However, men can also choose some casual Hawaii costumes and women can wear lovely mini dresses to match with.

  1. Advices for the brides:

1) To prepare a white or beige strapless bra

2) To cut your fingernails and shave your armpits

3) To wear clothes easily to take off, thus you would not destroy the hairstyle and makeup.

4) Don’t wear Jewelry, watch and pendant if no special demands in case any damage and lost.

  1. Advices for the bridegrooms:

1) To prepare a pair of black shoe, and black socks and white socks. One each.

2) To clean your face, shave, trim nose hair, and cut your fingernails.

3) Don’t put on colorful and dark underwear, for you are going to wear white pants.

4) To take sandals, casual shorts, hat and suntan oils with you, of course, don’t forget the bride’s.

  1. Other notes for beach wedding photo taking:

1) Because you need to have photo taken during the sunny times, water and sun protection are the necessities. I suggest that you to take beach wedding photos in moderate climate.

2) Take more casual clothes in case that you have dry clothes to wear when encounters bad weather.

3) Take along a pair of nice high heels which you don’t want it after photographing.

4) Don’t forget the bug spray.


Want to know more wedding dresses for the beach, please click .


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